The Old School House

The Logan primary school, like others in the region, had a shaky start. It began in 1873 at Stockleigh, in a structure built of bark, with a timber floor and glass windows. Logan Village residents lobbied for a school in the township, which opened in August 1875. In 1882, the community request a new school, which was not built until 1894. The school became a state school in 1900. 
It is a high set, wooden building. Originally it was low set with timber stumps until raised and built under in the 1980s.

As well proportioned and detailed timber buildings built in a traditional style, the former Logan State School and Teacher Residence makes a substantial contribution to the built character of Logan Village.
The exterior of the building has weatherboard cladding, a corrugated iron single gabled roof. At the front  of the building is a veranda with a central timber stair. The stair and the floor of the veranda are not original but from the renovations in the 1980s.   Above the front door sits an original swing window, to allow extra air and light into the classroom. Two large sash windows are on either side of the front door. The front wall of the veranda consists of exposed, unlined, original timbers. The ends of the veranda have wooden  spandrels. The rear of the building has a central wooden staircase. On either side of this staircase are two large wooden sash windows.
The interior of the school building consists of one large room and an enclosed annex at the back, originally intended for hand basins and hats and coats. The main area of the school is a large hall with high coved ceilings. The walls are sheeted internally by wooden boarding that sits horizontally; the boarding on the ceilings follows the curve of the coved ceilings. The interior is illuminated by two sets of large, timber framed casement windows with extra top lights. The set on the west of the room are built high to sit above the blackboard. The set on the east of the room are the same size but sit lower on the parallel wall. The students were originally seated facing the west wall, where the blackboard is still situated. The set of windows on the south of the building have exterior timber and iron window hoods.  

The renovation to the building in the 1980s built in underneath.

The Old Logan Village State School and its Teacher Residence were listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 3 December 2007.