Community Groups

From the adventurous Logan and Beaudesert Bushwalkers exploring the great outdoors to the creative Southside Spinners Weavers and Dyers Group crafting beautiful textiles, our center is a melting pot of passions. The Logan Village Community Craft Cottage, with its longstanding history, fosters an environment where local craftspeople share skills, learn, and contribute to various community projects via The Logan Village Craft Group.

What sets us apart is the kaleidoscope of activities that unfold on the Logan Village Green. This central hub hosts festivals, markets, and cultural events, bringing together residents to share stories and laughter. The Old School House, a historic gem on the green, adds character to our gatherings.

Discover the magic of unity as various community groups converge at the Logan Village Community Centre, creating a dynamic and inclusive space where everyone can find their community. Join us in building connections that enrich the tapestry of Logan Village life.